Wednesday, October 20, 2004


News Views Category: Unusual News

This category includes news that don't make it to the headlines, but may make readers smile, think and/or wonder...

- Oprah's big surprise - a free car for every audience member
follow up: -Oprah Winfrey's car giveaway entices viewers to Pontiac cars -
- Driver humiliated by Texas judge
- Thieves Rob Bus Full of Policemen !
- Men Do Cry- All Over the World
- Frustrated female chimp starts smoking in a Chinese zoo
- A mobile phone to tell your breath odor!!!
- Smeller Robots? "Slicon sensors could save lives"
- Topless protesters ouside Blair's conference. Guess why?
- The bald and the hairful!! 'Funny science' gets its reward
- Oklahoma man stages crime to save his marriage~!
- Blogging may cost you your job!~ 1 year ago: Microsoft fires worker over weblog!
- Laughing Bank Clerk Humiliates Robber
- Chinese-Australian woman uses street billboard to advertise for a husband.
- Brothers Reunited by Fate After 53 Years
- A Norman invents a "fart deodorant!!" (In French)


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