Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Oprah's big surprise - a free car for every audience member

BBC NEWS | Americas | Cars galore in Oprah giveaway:

"US television host Oprah Winfrey has kicked off the new season of her celebrated chat show by giving a new car to each member of her audience.

A total of 276 Pontiac G6 sports sedans were given away to the all-female audience - worth $7m in all."
How can I comment on this?? Can you?

أعجز عن التعليق على هذا الخبر. أتستطيع أنت؟

She also gave a house, $30K to fix it up, all new furniture and appliances, and about 10 laptop computers to a family in my neighborhood--as part of the same show.

When you have too much money, you can burn some of it by spending on outragious sensationalism like this one. You will either get more famous or more infamous. Whichever way, you will make more money by spending money.
In my opinion ther is a fult or that type of car is not selling in the Amarican market at all.
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