Wednesday, November 08, 2006


أخيييراً رمسفيلد.. عقبال اللي بعده

أحد الأدلة القويّة على أنّ الديمقراطيّة حتمياً تصلح نفسها- ست سنوات مش وحشين
أحسن من خمسة وعشرين

BBC NEWS | Americas | Rumsfeld replaced after poll loss: "US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is standing down, after anger over the war in Iraq led to bruising losses for Republicans in mid-term elections.

President George W Bush said that he and Mr Rumsfeld had agreed that a 'fresh perspective' was needed in Iraq.

Former CIA Director Robert Gates has been nominated to replace Mr Rumsfeld.



Now Egypt among 'Enemies of the internet' named

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Enemies of the internet' named

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Denmark 'Egypt's foe', Saudi Arabia ''Friends'" says poll

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Denmark 'Egypt's foe', says poll

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