Thursday, September 23, 2004


Smeller Robots? "Slicon sensors could save lives"

BBC NEWS | Technology | Silicon sensors could save lives:

"The car might decide that the driver is drunk and, for example, refuse to start the engine "

Or it can tell you to change your deodorant because it doesn't like it, but you can teach it not to tell that to your neighbor!
Can you think of any other applications of this "smeller" robot?

وسوف نسمع عن الجهاز نفسه في سيّارتك يقول لك: من فضلك لا تستعمل مزيل العرق مرّةً أخرى، ولكنّك قد تعلّمه "الذوق" كي لا يخبر جارك بهذا!
هل تستطيع أن تأتي بتطبيقات طريفة لذلك الجهاز "الشمّام"؟

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