Friday, April 14, 2006


My Shock: Even BBC has no clue!!!

Even BBC, the most "accurate" news agency, has no clue on the Eastern Orthodox calender...
"Good Friday" in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches comes one week after the same holiday in the Western. Even Coptic Catholics follow the Eastern calender.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egypt church attacks spark anger:
"One person was killed and several others injured in the attacks on Good Friday Masses."

Error detected at02:17 GMT, 15 April 2006... It may or may not be corrected...


مقتل وإصابة 4 في هجمات على كنائس بالإسكندرية

F i l B a l a d . N e w s:
"وأشار المسئولون إلى أن محمود عبد الجليل - وهو موظف حكومة سابق فصل من عمله لإصابته بمرض عقلي - قتل مصليا عمره 67 عاما في كنيسة مار جرجس بمنطقة الحضرة بالإسكندرية"

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