Monday, February 14, 2005


Our ancestors weren't 'cannibals'

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film row over Pirates 'cannibals'
"Plans to portray Dominica's Carib Indians as cannibals in the sequel to hit film Pirates of the Caribbean have been criticised by the group's chief.

Carib Chief Charles Williams said talks with Disney's producers revealed there was "a strong element of cannibalism in the script which cannot be removed".

The Caribbean island's government said Disney planned to film in Dominica.

The Caribs have long denied their ancestors practised cannibalism. Disney was unavailable for comment.

"Our ancestors stood up against early European conquerors and because they stood up...we were labelled savages and cannibals up to today," said Mr Williams. "

Friday, February 04, 2005


US 'war is fun' general rebuked

BBC NEWS | Americas | US 'war is fun' general rebuked: (link opens in a new window)
"The US Marine Corps has publicly upbraided one of its generals for his comments describing shooting people in Iraq as 'fun'.

Discussing fighting in Iraq, the General said he liked brawling and enjoyed shooting people.

The Marine Corps said Lt Gen James Mattis had been 'counselled' concerning his remarks, made during a panel discussion in California.

The general had agreed he should have chosen his words more carefully.

Gen Mattis is a hardened veteran of combat and appears to have developed a taste for it.

During the discussion, he spoke of his experience fighting in Iraq as commander of the 1st Marine Division.



'Mermaid girl' to have legs split

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Mermaid girl' to have legs split: (link opens in a new window)

"Surgeons in Peru are preparing for an operation to separate the legs of a girl born with the rare condition 'mermaid syndrome' or 'sirenomelia'.

Nine-month-old Milagros Cerron has been dubbed the 'little mermaid' because her fused legs resemble the tail of a fish.

Usually babies with the condition die within days of birth. Milagros is one of only three known survivors.

A medical team, led by surgeon Luis Rubio, will operate on the girl on 24 February in a hospital in Lima.

The team includes trauma surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, neurologists, gynaecologists and a paediatrician, and the operation is expected to last five hours."

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