Sunday, September 19, 2004


Driver humiliated by Texas judge

quoted from: BBC NEWS | Americas | Driver humiliated by Texas judge (This link will open in a new page)
"Texas District Judge Keith Dean jailed Frank Dorsett for a year, and ordered that he must then drive a low-powered car and carry a photo of the wreck he helped to cause outside Dallas in June 2003.

He must also take daily medication that will make him sick if he drinks alcohol, and carry a bumper sticker asking other motorists to call the probation department if he drives recklessly.

Dorsett was racing another driver along a highway when the other man hit and killed a 16-year-old girl in a third car."

Judge Dean was not satisfied with a jury's decision that Dorsett should face only probation.

The parents of Rachel Blasingame, the victim, praised the unusual sentence.

"We feel the terms of his probation will make up for anything the jury had taken away from us," said her father, Guy Blasingame.

Jason T Scott, the other driver involved in the chase, is awaiting trial.
The judge was not satisfied by the Jury's decision to put Dorsett under probation (مراقبة) only; as a result, he added this humiliating ruling.

Do you think this ruling is 'fair'?
What would really make Dorsett regret his recklessness (تهوّر) and never repeat such an irresponsible act:
a- The fact that his deeds indirectly caused the death of a 16-year-old girl
b- The humiliation he will face because of the ruling
c- a & b
d- none of the above
e- none of the above and nothing else

What would your ruling be?

It is really hard to tell what my ruling would be.
I guess the sense of guilt would be enough to change this driver's behavior for the rest of his life. But what if this driver didn't have so much of a sense of guilt?
I guess the humiliation would do the work then.
I just think nothing will bring that poor young girl back to life!
I believe that he should of got worse. i knew Rachel and she was an amazing person. This man will never get it through his head what a horrible thing he has done. She was a brilliant person and now she has to suffer for another persons actions. I want that guy to suffer the way she had to.
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