Monday, September 20, 2004


News Views Cluster 1: Religious Freedom

Africano has commented asking why my linked news seem to be mainly religious. Indeed, a big chunk of the news that I have posted were talking about the so-called 'religious freedom.'

News agencies and journalists like to use terms like 'religious freedom;' however, it seems that this term does not designate the same thing. Sometimes it means 'freedom to follow any religion', sometimes it means freedom to follow only 'official' religions, and sometimes it means 'freedom from religion.' A particular religious group defines the terms 'religious freedom' and 'religious rights' very differently depending on whether this group's religion is followed by the majority or the minority of the population.

Just look at this variety of news:
- Religious freedom for Chinese Muslims
- Religious freedom for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Saudi's response
- Religious 'persecution' in Eritria

Also, different views of the visit of religious leaders to 'houses of worship':
- Recent history: Roman Pope in Syrian mosque
- Old history: Muslim Khalif in Jerusalem church

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