Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Chinese-Australian woman uses street billboard to advertise for a husband.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Giant billboard used in love hunt(opens in a new page)
Story in French: Pour trouver un mari, une Australienne loue un panneau publicitaire(opens in a new page)
"Under the headline, the billboard reads: 'Beautiful, intelligent Australian-Chinese lady seeks to have dream family with a fabulous partner to enjoy a lifetime with.'

She asks for a man 'ideally in good health (non-smoker or drinker), aged up to 45, unencumbered and of Caucasian appearance'.

Other requirements include a 'good sense of humour, a solid financial background with warm and caring nature', preferably a businessman or professional."

Why not? How is it different from newspaper ads or internet personals?

ما العَيْبُ في ذلك؟ كيف يختلف هذا عن إعلانات "أريد زوجة" بالجرائد والإنترنت؟

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