Monday, October 11, 2004


Oklahoma man stages crime to save his marriage~!

from: Oddly Enough News Article |
"According to police, Spencer, a high school teacher, paid two students $100 each to break into his house and try to make off with a stereo.

The masked students tied his wife with duct tape and her husband was in the house just in time to foil the supposed crime, police said.

Police said Spencer attacked the two in a choreographed fight, even hitting one with a board that he had cut to break in half. The plan was going well until his wife freed herself and called police, something Spencer did not anticipate, police said."

Staging a crime to impress someone? Does it sound familiar?

تلفيق جريمة لإثارة الإعجاب؟ أغريب هذا على عالمنا؟

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