Sunday, July 03, 2005


Manal and Alaa in the Herald Tribune: Mona El-Tahawy reports on Shubra demo.

"Two days later, I was marching with Alaa, Manal and about 300 fellow Egyptians through the working-class neighborhood of Shubra, shouting 'Down down with Hosni Mubarak.' Riot police that had confined previous demonstrations to one spot were nowhere to be seen.

Emboldened, protesters who had begun the demonstration on a street corner pushed ahead and for the first time since the anti-Mubarak protests began, took their message to the street.

'You might have a point about Rice's speech,' Alaa said, grinning and taking pictures.

I had asked him over lunch if he thought U.S. pressure would help Egypt's reformers. He said he was less concerned with simple regime change to replace Mubarak than with changing Egypt's political system from the bottom up. Only Egyptians could do that, Alaa said.

True, but that did not stop demonstrators from injecting their chants with the humor we Egyptians pride ourselves on: 'Give Mubarak a visa and take him with you, Condoleezza.'"

Read the full story:
Marching in Cairo, because enough is enough - Editorials & Commentary - International Herald Tribune

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