Thursday, May 05, 2005


Texas to restrict 'sexually-suggestive cheerleading'

BBC NEWS | Americas | Texas targets 'sexy cheerleading':
"Legislators in the US state of Texas have voted to ban 'sexually suggestive' cheerleading in schools.

The bill - which requires approval by the state Senate - would allow authorities to police routines deemed vulgar and force schools to stop them.

Texas is famous for its Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, who perform in high boots and low-cut tops.

Some lawmakers have expressed outrage at similarly suggestive performances at local schools across the state.

'Some of them are just downright vulgar, something you would see at an adult club or something,' Joe Deshotel, a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives, told AFP news agency.

One of the co-authors of the bill, Republican Corbin Van Arsdale, said many parents want restrictions because they go to games to see young men clashing on the pitch, not girls shaking their behinds on the sidelines.

'You've got children seeing things that their parents would rather them not see,' AFP quoted Mr Van Arsdale as saying.

However some legislators questioned their colleagues' priorities.

'Have we done anything about stem cell research to help people who are dying and are sick advance their health? No,' said Democratic Representative Senfronia Thompson.

To become law, the bill must be approved by both the Senate and Governor Rick Perry. "

I wonder how exactly they will define what is "sexually-suggestive" and what is "innocent cheerleading"...

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