Sunday, May 01, 2005


Really?? "Egypt denies return to violence"

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egypt denies return to violence:
"Egyptian authorities have denied that an attack on tourists in Cairo on Saturday signalled a return of Islamist militant violence.

They say the incident was a result of an operation against a small group blamed for a bomb attack that killed three tourists in the capital in April.

Three suspects were killed and 10 people, including four foreigners, were injured in Saturday's attacks.

Militants carried out several deadly attacks in Egypt in the 1990s."
Egypt says: No No.. It's not a 'return to violence' because it's not by the same groups and because it's still not yet a phenomenon. Wait until it goes out of control, then we can call it a return to violence! There is something else. This violence is not the style of the 1990s. This group is really up-to-date with terrorism "fashion shows".

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