Saturday, May 28, 2005


BBC NEWS: Egypt 'backed protester beatings'

"Human Rights Watch has called on Egypt to investigate what it labels state-sponsored brutality against opposition demonstrators.

The group said plain clothes security officers and government supporters beat protesters during Wednesday's vote on partial electoral reform.

Egyptian opposition groups also contest government figures of a 51% turnout.

Official figures show that 83% of those who voted were in favour of limited multi-candidate presidential elections.
Read the whole story here:
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egypt 'backed protester beatings'

Well, didn't Human Right Watch blame the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel as well?
Does anything change on this planet?

I noticed that the BBC was much slower and milder than they used to be in covering the events like this in Egypt.

But I might be mistaken anyways.
BBC is British. In college, they taught us two methods to make emulsions; the British style and the American style. The British one was dubbed "slow but sure".

I don't blame them for being slow; they probably had to confirm that the photos are real and the events are more than one incident.
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