Thursday, April 07, 2005


NO NOT AGAIN!!!!! Two killed in Cairo bazaar blast

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Two killed in Cairo bazaar blast:
"An explosion has ripped through a major shopping bazaar in an area of Cairo popular with tourists, killing two and injuring several more.

The blast, close to Cairo's al-Azhar mosque, killed two, including one French national and injured eight other people, police said.

The explosion, at about 1700 (1500 GMT), may have been caused by a bomb thrown from a motorbike, police said.

The al-Azhar mosque is a major seat of Islamic learning in Cairo.

A number of busy shopping bazaars are crammed into the narrow streets around al-Azhar, in Cairo's ancient Muslim quarter.

Unrecognisable body

The blast went off on al-Moski Street, a narrow street of tourist shops and clothes sellers - often crammed with foreigners and Egyptian shoppers, carts and peddlers - near the main bazaar of Khan al-Khalili.

Rabab Rifaat, a woman shopping nearby, told the Associated Press news agency she heard a loud 'boom', and saw a decapitated head flying through the air.

A Frenchman was reported to have died at hospital from his injuries, while a woman's unrecognisable body was also recovered from the scene, the Reuters news agency reported.

Islamic militants in Egypt have staged attacks on tourist attractions in the past."


well because of unemployement, because of ignorance , because of poverty ,because of unchanged corrupted political system , because of religious ignorance
and because of losing hope
when people lose hope ,they got crazy and desperate
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