Monday, April 11, 2005


BBC on RSS feeds: Turning the web into 'sushi belts'

BBC NEWS | Technology | Turning the web into 'sushi belts':
"The way people find websites, blogs, and other content they like on the net is changing.

While the majority still seek out sites of interest through search engines and keep addresses bookmarked, others increasingly use 'RSS' feeds.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way of keeping automatically aware of website updates.

Like sushi restaurant conveyor belts, it delivers content to people so they can easily pick what they want to read.

Millions of news, weblogs, and ordinary websites carry easy-to-set-up RSS feeds which alert people when a site has been updated.

Keen lovers of technology and the web have been using RSS for some time as a way to wade through the millions of pages on the web.

It is now starting to come out of its niche; and the small, orange badges which indicate a feed is available on a site are becoming a familiar presence.

But many people who use the web fairly regularly will still stare blankly when asked whether they use RSS."

I downloaded RSS Bandit now and began to use it...WoW! It saves a looooot of time!
I use bloglines and I even don't need to download it. Is the bandit stronger?
The interface of Bandit is similar to Outlook: new posts are downloaded, they are marked unread until you click them, they can be viewed offline and you can erase them. You have many options.
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