Tuesday, March 22, 2005


"Respectful disagreement": EU is 'concerned' over Wolfowitz

BBC NEWS | Business | EU is 'concerned' over Wolfowitz: (Link will open in a new window)
While Reading.. I couldn't help add (in color) and underline some words...
"EU finance ministers said they have 'concerns' about the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank.

Calling him a serious candidate, they said that they wanted the opportunity to talk to him (pleaaaaaaase) regarding his policies before he is confirmed in the post.

World Bank concerns

The EU said that it wants to meet Mr Wolfowitz, who is a well-known White House hawk and was nominated by US President George W Bush.

He served as deputy defence secretary during Mr Bush's first term.

Luxembourg Economics Minister Jeannot Krecke said that there is 'some concern about the way Mr Wolfowitz intends to handle the policy of the World Bank.'

German Finance Minister Hans Eichel said that Mr Wolfowitz is a 'high level candidate, but there needs to be more discussions before' his election to the post of the development agency.

The finance ministers want him to come to Brussels (pleaaaaaaase) before his appointment is confirmed at the end of the month, to answer questions about his position on several development issues, such as debt relief"
EU "concerned"?? Too bad.
Aren't these the old Europe's folks who were also concerned about the Iraqi invasion? And the outcome??????

The new world order needs a new world banker!
Will EU bank(inter)rupt?

I imagine Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfield, Ms. Rice, Mr. Cheney and their super-candidate (Wolfowitz) telling EU:
"We respectfully respect your disagreement. Rest assured. Paul will head the bank, and you might as well--respectfully--eat S**T."

I agree, Old Europe can "eat sh--". Further cuase of concern is Bolton, the self conffesed " grenade enthusiast" at the U.N
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