Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Iraq's body count?

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Counting the civilian cost in Iraq: (link will open in a new page)
افتح الخبر نفسه باللغة العربيّة في صفحة جديدة
"Human rights groups say the occupying powers have failed in a duty to catalogue the deaths, giving the impression that ordinary Iraqis' lives are worth less than those of soldiers.

Unofficial estimates of the civilian toll vary wildly, from at least 10,000 to more than 37,000.

But the view famously expressed by US General Tommy Franks that 'we don't do body counts' still resonates in government circles."

"Prof Sloboda said: "No country could hold its head up high without looking back to investigate the deaths of thousands of its people.

'Imagine the United States not investigating exactly who died on September 11, it is unthinkable.'"

- What is heavier? A kilogram of hay or a kilogram of sand?
- Stupid question! The density is different!
- What is more worthy? the life of a young American soldier or the life of a retired Iraqi man?
- Oh. Stop it! There is no analogy here! Still, the 'density' is different!

The other day I went grocery shopping in an arabic store (in the States). While checking out, I noticed that one of the items was a dollar more expensive than two weeks before. I asked the cashier: "It cost less than that before!" He answered: "Everything is becoming more expensive now, except for one thing..". I asked: "what thing?". "Human life" was his answer...
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