Friday, September 24, 2004


America's richest 400 just get richer

MSN Money - The Forbes 400: America's richest 400 just get richer

The Walmart brothers' combined wealth ($90 billion) is almost double that of the single world richest man (Bill Gates, $48 billion)

Let me make sure I can comprehend this.. 1 billion? Isn't that 1000 million?
With one billion I can buy...
a- A small army?
b- Four billion cans of Pepsi from the supermarket or 8 billion if it's on sale or 1.6 billion cans from the machine!
c- 666,000 laptops of different makes.
d- 400 million pairs of socks so I never need to wash any again!
e- ....
I definitely need to upgrade my wish list!

And.. here is the Forbes full billionaire list for those interested ...

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