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Osama’s nose: Bin Bush or Bin Kerry?

Arabic 'full'(?) transcript of the tape attributed to Bin Laden
Experts: Bin Laden Courting Young Arabs
Refer to: Ossama Bin Moore

The media masters haven’t still reached the verdict: was Osama’s last tape bin Bush or bin Kerry? The word 'bin' in Arabic means ‘son’. So Osama bin Laden= Osama ‘son of’ Laden. But sonship is not always a physical relation; so, in Arabic, you can call somebody ‘son of a dog’ which is an insult, ‘son of a joke’ which means funny, or son of Bush –for example— to mean a Bush supporter and close ally.

After this short linguistic 101 intro, the question is again: who benefits from the latest tape that Aljazeera has broadcast and has kept updating?

Simple-minded, directly thinking people think that the Osama (or his look-alike) in this tape was definitely pro-Kerry, or rather pro-Moore or pro-anti-war activists.
More complex-minded people and/or conspiracy theorists think that if the “bad guy” is attacking Bush, then he must entice the “good people” to think that “only bad guys hate Bush”, and the net outcome is: the tape is pro-Bush by making the bad guy adopt the anti-Bush rhetoric.

What do I think? How can I have an opinion if I don’t have enough information, and if I don’t trust the information?
Whether the tape is authentic has not been confirmed. And while “What Really Happened” suggests it is fake because of Osama’s nose, other web forums have examined Osama’s nose in different versions and are accusing WRH of having stretched the image. I think WRH didn’t stretch the nose, but the images in Aljazeera are not consistent: some of them have Bin Laden with a wide nose, a medium nose, and CNN has his nose pretty tiny. This will definitely be the second most famous nose in history after Cleopatra’s

From the full transcript of the tape (linked above), that I have found through Mohammed’s excellent Egyptian blog, it seems that Bin Laden is really following the news and the political web sites, and he’s quoting these sources much more than quoting Qur’an or Hadith in previous speeches. The speaker in the tape sounds exhausted, tired (maybe sick?), but determined and the whole thing seems to have been taped in a studio because there is no background noise due to outdoor taping or unprofessional recording in a room.

I was specially surprised at the concluding statement, in which the speaker addresses the ‘American people’ saying: “To conclude, I tell you the truth: your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or Al-qaeda. Your security is in YOUR hands, and every (US) state that doesn’t mess with our security has spontaneously (or automatically) guaranteed its security. God (Allah) is our guardian while you have no guardian.”*

Many surprising things here:
- The speaker doesn’t use Bin Ladin’s usual religious rhetoric; he probably thinks that it doesn’t sell!! He actually says a strange fact: Your security is in your hands, while a good believer (of any theist religion) would say: your security is in God’s (or Allah’s or YHWH’s, etc…) hands.
- He also makes this deal: that states have the choice to guarantee their security? How would he know which state made the right choice? Is the tape’s director saying again that: Vote against Bush and guarantee your security? Or does he work with Third Party candidates?

The full transcript by Aljazeera also includes additional references to interviews with press figures, including Robert Fisk. The speaker actually asks the American People to listen to Robert Fisk's testimony, considering Fisk as a member of ‘the American people's religion!’ Thus, once again, the speaker refers and appeals to the antiwar movement's literature and its key figures.

*Al Jazeera translates this paragrpah a bit differently -but accurately- as: “In conclusion, I tell you in truth, that your security is not in the hands of Kerry, nor Bush, nor al-Qaida.
No. Your security is in your own hands. And every state that doesn't play with our security has automatically guaranteed its own security. And Allah is our Guardian and Helper, while you have no Guardian or Helper.”

- Osama's first nose problem

I'm curious who do you support? In the long run do you think the US's involvement in Iraq and Afganistan will help or hinder democracy in the Middle East?
I knew in my view of thinking that he looked too!!!young in that tape as oneof his sons looked a lot like him and maybe in twoyrs groomed him to look very much like him at avery young age! the sickness liver or kidneys you do not return to a very very young man and he was supposed to have died in 2001not killed etc but quietly andpainlessly in his sleep. Also he had a death certificate and also his family and friends (terrorist}AL- quaida also attended . I believe in his religion they do not mark his grave as we do (crosses etc) no soldiers or anyone willfind it. but the people who attended his burial. same game plan as Saddam he had look alikes. the last one of him shocked me that guy was ugly huge black teeth I mean rotten . no way the look matched him. he was aproud arrogant --- these games have been played so much on videos by whoever benefits by them they will keep doing them.its likeagame we are stupid they aresmart Ha!HA!HA! they are so obvious the game they PLAY.Money and power and fear always create fools you know the are humpty -dumptys like hitler and the rest of these bullys in school days!we die they also die of old age etc,wait they willspend eternity feeling the pain they shovelled outto anyone in the same way. MIllions of times. THey will not be with our heavenly mother and father. WE punish our selves until we feel we are ready to face our heavenly family loving and so for giveable.So get mad and fight for our rights before we have none forallof us and our children.MIllions of people havepower !THE government kills our young not theirs! they have acity under ground ready and more moey thanyou know trillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.stop being cry babies. they already have slave camps ready for all of us who do not agree with them.thats away to live. god bless the world and we repay him always by destroying his creations and all earthly creatures etc. we better be our own soldiers and fight these people and be brave not with guns not lying like them . you lose homes or material things. so what.!! just yell no morelying and stealing.we want our great countries back .you rob your government little or big you pay big time! martha stewart is agood example . what about the stocks and whats that guys name al capone that bought or rented the twin towers 6 months be fore.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. enron guys stewart next could be you even if you did~nt doit. think police soldiers cia fbi . millions of us some willdie but weare the soldiers of our children~s future and the right to live to grow up .no guns needed.yell 'yell no more killing'!!!the world willyell with you' women broght us all here. we are some body!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, why was the osama tape so blurred. coincidence perhaps? I think not

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